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Article Written: 9/11/2020
US Elections 2020 | Ode to Donald Trump

Donald Trump lost the election but he won't go down as the worst president ever.

Donald Trump looks grumpy after the media projected Biden's victory.

I remember the 2016 election, it was a magical night where Americans united in their distrust of Hillary Clinton and had enough of the establishment, it was a great slap to the face of smug liberals and elites, 2020 wasn't as magical, 2020 was humbling. Donald Trump was a symbol of the average people fighting back against career politicians and wanting a change for once, 2020 has proven that this was merely an experiment that failed, in tough times people want a return to normality and Donald Trump had to go as a result of that.

Donald Trump

Yet, I'll never forget that election, obviously I was confident in a Donald Trump victory but I still expected Hillary Clinton to win because why challenge the status quo? Well I'm thankful that didn't happen because I still remain sure that Hillary would've been a worse president than Donald Trump, Trump brought peace closer to North Korea by taking a no-nonsense approach to their leader and it seemed to have worked, there are a lot of uncertainties with a Biden presidency, I just hope that Biden delivers on his promises for the good of all of us, for now I'll miss The Donald and welcome Biden.

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